A Return to the CPS Blog Just In Time For May 1 Deadline

May 1st – The Day Students Have All the Power!

So this is the day that colleges are fretting over as students come to make their final decisions about which colleges they will attend this fall! For so much of senior year, high school students feel they are the powerless part of what seems a long and arduous process of awaiting the decisions of various colleges and universities. Who will College X admit and who will University of Y deny, or who might either install on an often unforgiving waitlist?

The glory of May 1st is that students give the colleges their decisions! Most students have more than one college to say “no” to if they have done their research well and have begun the application process with a well-designed college list.

So, in the spirit of May 1, congratulations to all seniors across the country and the world who have taken the final step to assert their places in colleges or universities that are going to be wonderful matches for them beginning this coming fall of 2017!!

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Take Words of Hate Out of Our College Classrooms

The link below shows just how far politics on both sides has invaded what was once considered a sanctuary for learning – our academic institutions of higher learning. At the University of Michigan, a professor made a startling and disturbing statement in an article she was writing about why nobody gets along. While the story has come out that in fact it was her editors of These Times (Jan. 2015 edition) who insisted — without her knowledge or approval — on changing the title of her article called “We Can’t All Just Get Along” to “It’s Okay to Hate Republicans,” the fact remains she begins her article with “I hate Republicans.” The professor goes on to state that she deliberately spoke in such terms to emphasize that even she has gotten locked into stating her positions in such way rather than stating what she hates about the views of that given group. She used to work for a Republican she “adored,” but since has come to believe that the brand of that party as she knew it is no longer. While her purpose may have been to bemoan the locked positions politics have now found us in, she nonetheless takes rhetorical license to stir the pot of what is already a hotbed in an arena where no student in particular should feel “hated” — higher education.
Regardless of her own political sympathies, students everywhere should feel safe to believe what they believe so long as they are harming no one else.

We as educators of all kinds have a duty to the students that we serve, both as individuals and as institutions, to protect our students from outright or subliminal attacks on any group of them, and to insure that their dignity is respected. Professors can and should challenge and probe, but preaching hatred even under the guise of provoking a dialogue is unacceptable. These young people deserve our best, each and every one of them.




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Prestigious Institutions Can Carry With Them Tremendous Stress For Students

Please be mindful of how important it is to examine what all of your potential colleges offer in terms of support as well as whether the climate of an academic institution fits the particular student’s temperament and ability to handle often undue stress.

Penn Student Suicide Prompts Task Force Of Campus Stress


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The Common Application Is Not The Only Game In Town

With more and more problems created with the launch this fall of the newest version of the Common Application, there is fortunately another option beyond the individual colleges’ applications (where they still have them.)  The Universal College Application is gaining broad appeal.  Many of the most selective colleges have become members of the Universal College Application including the most recent addition being the University of Chicago.  Moving forward, students will have more options in their college application process.  You can learn about the UCA and how to apply to its member colleges at www.universalcollegeapp.com as an alternative to the Common Application.

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Time For Making The College Decision Will Soon Be Upon Us

There are some very important considerations to be taken into account during this final selection process and many are not academic.

Nine Non-academic Things To Look For In A College

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How Relevant Are Standardized Tests Really?

We can finally see how little correlation there is over the long-term with standardized test scores and ultimate student success. This should boost the confidence of all students who are made to feel that somehow standardized tests define them in any way. They DON’T.

At Test-Optional Colleges, Students Surpass The Test Scores They Didn’t Submit

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Kudos To Davidson College!

Davidson College is a fine example of an institution seeking to “make the classic American liberal arts college prosperous and relevant in a time of accelerated expectation and high expense.” Carol Quillen, President of the college, is working hard on that vision.

A Liberal-Arts College That Gets It Right

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Prestige Doesn’t Always “Fit”

The article below makes a great case for students not attending the most “prestigious” college on their list. There are so many other important factors to consider.

College Admissions: 5 Reasons Not to Attend Your Stretch College


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Common Application’s Leaders Get an Earful!

Finally, the Common Application administration is acknowledging just how misguided this initial launch was without all the moving parts in perfect order. As independent educational consultants we can assist our students in the best possible way, by knowing when to attempt submissions and when, perhaps, to hold off. I heartily suggest to all of my students that they fill out the common app itself first and then, after we get all their supplemental questions, we move forward from there!


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Top 12 Strengths & Experiences Colleges Look For In High School Students

Attention High School students and their parents! The latest survey results just released.


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