Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – Seniors, now it’s up to you!

Now that most colleges and universities have made and delivered their decisions, it is time for all of you once again to be in the driver’s seat. It’s a wonderful time to embrace your options, and an important time to release yourself from any disappointing results. Keep in mind that colleges have institutional needs (as random as they seem!), but you and your families have your own needs and considerations to weigh. This makes for an exciting opportunity for you and your families to make final explorations of those colleges you’re considering and to think carefully about both what draws you to the schools as well as what concerns still linger in your mind. In addition to perhaps revisiting campuses, the best way to do this is to formulate a detailed pros and cons list, being sure to assign weights to the items most important to you.

The college process has been a long and arduous one for many seniors. It has also been a tremendous opportunity for personal growth and self-awareness. Rest assured this process has resulted in choices which should excite and motivate you, and I look forward to collaborating with you as you make your final selections. It is my fervent hope that each of you carries with you the lessons learned along this journey as you embark on your new collegiate adventure. In the meantime, enjoy your last few months in high school, and remember that this is not an end, but a bright new beginning.

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