A Return to the CPS Blog Just In Time For May 1 Deadline

May 1st – The Day Students Have All the Power!

So this is the day that colleges are fretting over as students come to make their final decisions about which colleges they will attend this fall! For so much of senior year, high school students feel they are the powerless part of what seems a long and arduous process of awaiting the decisions of various colleges and universities. Who will College X admit and who will University of Y deny, or who might either install on an often unforgiving waitlist?

The glory of May 1st is that students give the colleges their decisions! Most students have more than one college to say “no” to if they have done their research well and have begun the application process with a well-designed college list.

So, in the spirit of May 1, congratulations to all seniors across the country and the world who have taken the final step to assert their places in colleges or universities that are going to be wonderful matches for them beginning this coming fall of 2017!!

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