The College Decision: It is OK to Feel Scared

April is a time when Seniors all over the country are attempting to make decisions about where to spend their undergraduate years. It is a truly exciting time, but no one can doubt that it is also a time that breeds uncertainty. Even for those students who made their college choices before these final admission decisions were released in the past two weeks, looking ahead to life after high school is scary. It is okay to feel a bit scared, even when such excitement is in the air. It is in fact natural.

Thinking about where you should go next year means by necessity leaving behind life as you know it. Certainly you will be connected still (probably uber-connected) to your family and many of your friends, but high school life will be a closed chapter. So it is okay to recognize that, and for some of you, to feel a bit nostalgic about it. In fact, it makes perfect sense that you would. Just know that what awaits you will be the beginning of something new and most often wonderful!

As for the specific choices you individually made, just trust that the process has brought you to this point for good reasons and you will now have the opportunity to experience wonderful new adventures. As you make this decision, be patient with yourself. Make the proverbial pro and con list for each of your options and then, ultimately, go with your gut, assuming you have visited the school upon which you decide.

Contrary to popular opinion, this is not the most important decision you will ever make. Over your lifetime there will be several important ones, but your college decision may be the first truly adult decision that you make and thus it carries with it strong value. Celebrate your part in carving the path ahead! Celebrate YOU!

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Another WIndow into the Admissions Process

Here is an article that can provide insight for both students and parents about the objective AND ever-so-subjective process of college admissions. The college specifically studied is Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA which offers wonderful programs, including engineering and business among so much more.

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The Secrets of the Most Successful College Students

We try to infuse students and their families with this information always.

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New SAT Exam Coming Again!

Not surprising that a step like this ultimately would take place; just disappointing that it would take being outdone by ACT to make it happen!

The College Board explores plans for a ‘new’ SAT®
The last time the College Board tinkered with the SAT® was in 2005. While no tears were shed over the elimination of “analogies” and “quantitative comparisons,” many openly questioned the value of adding a “writing” section that claimed little interest in the quality of an answer and helped lengthen the test-taking experience by 45 minutes.

(see rest of article at link above)

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Early Plans for Some of The Ivies!

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895 Admitted Through Early Action

Harvard’s new Early Action statistics are in!

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Three Ways College Applicants Can Improve Their Online Brands

A helpful and informative read!

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A Key Factor in the College Search: Your Learning Style

An informative and helpful read!

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Should College Rankings Matter?

An interesting insight into attending an Ivy League vs. a state school.

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Some Smaller Colleges Are Changing Financial Aid Formulas

Due to increasing financial aid needs, some smaller colleges are changing their financial aid formulas which could affect both racial and monetary diversity on campuses.

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