The Three Biggest Lies in College Admission

Important considerations about highly selective college admissions, with significant consequences. Caution, however, in believing that every college works this way.

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Beloit College’s Annual Mindset List

Always a fun read! The mindset list for the class of 2016.

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Fascinating College Experience for Political Communications Enthusiasts

A truly unique and fabulous opportunity provided to Penn students! Something to consider if you are headed into the field of political communications…



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At last, independent consultants are viewed in a favorable light!

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Caution About College Rankings

Students and parents alike should heed the cautions explained in the following article.

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College Applications OTHER THAN the Common Application

Seniors should note that while the Common Application went live last night at 8pm EDT (a few hours before the scheduled launch time), all other colleges’ applications have their own individual dates. Some of these dates mean the applications are available for filling out while others have earliest submission dates. For example, the University of Wisconsin-Madison will be posting its undergraduate application on September 1 but the first day there will be allowance for actually submitting the application is September 15. The lesson in all of this is that students need to be aware that the most up-to-date information will be on the individual college’s website. Students working directly with me will be able to take advantage of a tracking mechanism for these dates once they begin their application process.

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2012-2013 Common Application Live Tomorrow August 1!

As of tomorrow August 1, 2012, high school seniors will be able to formally begin filling out applications to colleges that are members of the Common Application. The process of filling out information online will be the start of an often time-consuming process so it is wise for those students who are around now to get a jump on their applications.

There is little that has changed in format from years prior. There is still a short answer that seeks students to elaborate on one of their extracurricular activities or work experience and the maximum word count is 150 words. (There will be an actual cut-off electronically when the application is sent!). In addition, there are still 6 choices for the personal essay, among which is the “topic of your choice” so basically the essay is open-ended. This essay should not be longer than 500 words but there is no such electronic cut-off.

Please be advised that not all colleges that are members of the Common Application will have their supplements up and running as of August 1 but they will be streaming in as they always have.

So – register with a user name and password and let your process begin!

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Important Life Lessons From Ben Franklin

There is something in here for everyone!

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Women-only Networks: Attention Female Students

I would suggest to my female students that even if they opt not to attend wonderful women’s colleges, they pursue women’s groups throughout their lives.  This article explains it well.

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Going to College Early

I recently had the privilege of having an admissions representative from Bard College at Simon’s Rock, MA pay me a visit at my office. She was in the greater Milwaukee area to scout out what some of our local high schools are like and whether there is an interest on the part of some students in our area to attend “Early College.”

This is a very unique concept that is open to students who, for a variety of reasons, feel ready for a college environment before they have finished high school. Some students actually begin at the College as early as their sophomore year in high school. Anyone interested in exploring what this is about should contact me for more information. THIS IS CERTAINLY NOT FOR MOST STUDENTS, regardless of how strong a student is academically, as for most young people, high school is a highly valuable experience.

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